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What is the charge of the MSU Survey Committee?

Charged by the president, the purpose of the committee is to review all surveys sent to MSU faculty, staff, and students to:

  • Reduce campus survey fatigue.
  • Avoid duplication and seek to improve collaboration.
  • Prevent over sampling.
  • Coordinate release dates prioritizing institution wide surveys.
  • Provide calendar with list of upcoming and completed surveys.
  • Improve survey quality and collection of information.
  • Review surveys for sensitive information.
  • Check for the level of detail requested for demographic and personal information.
  • Review process for administering survey and storing data.


Survey Committee Executive Sponsors and Co-Chairs

Executive Sponsors:
Christina Brogdon, Vice President for Human Resources
Vennie Gore, Senior Vice President for Student Life and Engagement
Thomas Jeitschko, Interim Provost

Bethan Cantwell, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research
Paul Goldblatt, SLE Division Assessment Officer
Brenda Hill, Assistant Director for Human Resources
Renata Opoczynski, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Student Success

Units Represented:
Graduate School
Human Resources
Institutional Research
Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Institutional Review Board
Registrar’s Office
Student Life & Engagement
University Communications
Undergraduate Education
Committee Support - Institutional Research

Groups Represented:
Associated Students of Michigan State University *
Council of Graduate Students
Council of Racial and Ethnic Students & Council of Progressive Students
Faculty Representative x 2
Graduate Associate/Assistant Deans +
Undergraduate Assistant/Associate Deans
Support Staff x 2
+Awaiting Representation
No representation for AY 23-24

For full details see the committee membership page.

What surveys should go to the committee?

All surveys sent any MSU faculty, staff, or students, with few exceptions.

The few exceptions:

Surveys excluded from review and approval by the committee include:

  • Surveys conducted to obtain information required for employment or matriculation.
  • Surveys conducted by instructors as part of their course.
  • Surveys conducted by colleges, departments, or schools as part of planning for program offerings, including education abroad.
  • Surveys to inform instruction or instruction-related materials.
  • Surveys conducted as part of a performance review of employees, including administrators.
  • Surveys conducted as part of an election process and/or to establish committee membership.


The following surveys are also excluded from committee review and approval. However, the committee still needs to know about them for planning and scheduling purposes:

  • Surveys relating to federal reporting.
  • Surveys related to accreditation (institutional or specialized).
  • Surveys related to the evaluation of academic programs, departments, and colleges.
  • Surveys conducted as part of annual rankings initiated by external organizations.


Please email with a copy of your survey and your survey dates.
All other surveys should go through the MSU Survey Qualtrics for committee approval. If you are not sure if your survey requires committee review and/or you would like further information, please email


When is full committee review required?

Full committee review is required when the survey meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The survey is to be distributed to all MSU faculty, all MSU staff, and/or all MSU students.
  • The survey is to be distributed to all faculty, staff, and/or students from a single college or MAU (Major Administrative Unit).
  • The survey is to be distributed to 2,500 or more MSU community members (employees or students).
  • The topics of the survey are sensitive in nature, including but not limited to: campus climate, RVSM, structural inequalities, marginalized individuals, the campus incident on February 13th, 2023.
  • The survey request is initiated by an external constituent.


Review timeline

The MSU survey committee meets every two weeks and reviews surveys on a first in, first reviewed basis. We encourage submitting your survey as soon as your instrument, population, and timing are finalized.

What counts as a survey?

A survey is anything that uses standardized questions to gather information from individuals about preferences, thoughts, and behaviors systematically. Surveys take many forms including paper, telephone, email, QR codes, or through a URL. Excluded are in person interactions such as focus groups, interviews, and other face-to-face interactions. Also excluded from are pop quizzes, requests to participate in a research study, and collecting information on a form or inventory.

A survey’s goal is to collect data representative of the group being surveyed and provide researchers with insights and make informed decisions or draw conclusions. A successful survey is clear, concise, and unbiased and avoids leading or loaded questions that could influence the answers.


QuestionPro: Surveys: What They Are, Characteristics & Examples
SmartSurvey: The Difference Between Survey and Questionnaire
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