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Academic Analytics

Academic Analytics is a subscription-based online database containing comparative faculty productivity data on academic departments and Ph.D. programs nationwide.

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External Accreditors

Read about MSU's external accreditors.


Student Achievement

Persistence, graduation and outcome information for MSU students.

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CIP Codes

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Equity Athletics

In compliance with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act, information on men's and women's athletic programs at MSU is available here.

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MSU Scholars

MSU Scholars highlights the visibility and research activity of MSU faculty and academic staff, identifying experts for local, state, national, and international research and business communities.

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Academic Profile

Michigan State University’s Academic Profile (AP) is a web-based application for collecting faculty and academic staff accomplishments in a consistent, objective, and transparent manner. The data are used to support activities such as annual review; institutional reporting; and reappointment, promotion, and tenure.


DEI Dashboards

Dashboards pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Michigan State University.


State Transparency Report (Section 245)

Consistent with MSU's commitment to transparency, and in response to the Public Transparency Website Requirement (PDF), find comprehensive institutional information across a broad array of operational areas here.


Love Data Week

Love Data Week is a celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine's day.

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