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A: The IR Portal has migrated over to our Explore Data page with the creation of our new site.

A: Use the login button to view the content you have access to.

A: Once logged in click the star icon next to the content item to add it to your favorites. Click the star again to remove it from your favorites.

A: Use the “Search Facts and Figures” search bar underneath the Explore Data Header.

Text Elements and Third Party Screen Reader Software

To navigate to specific text items in a Tableau dashboard, the user will need to utilize a screen reader to read text objects displayed on screen. This will require the use of a cursor to hover over the text object while having your screen reader software active.

Keyboard Navigation

Using the Tab key, you will be able to navigate dashboard items. To access the data summary when tabbed over a data visualization, press enter twice. Once in the data summary, use the arrow keys to navigate the pop-up data window. Ctrl+W, for Windows users, or Cmd+W, for Mac users, will exit the data summary window. When tabbed onto a menu button use the arrow keys to change the dashboard view. To navigate through the filter drop down boxes, referred to as combo boxes by the NVDA screenreader, press Enter to find and select/deselect more objects. When navigating the dashboard with a keyboard, if your focus order disappears or tabs onto seemingly empty objects, keep pressing the Tab key and it should reappear. These blank items exist for information stored behind other views within the dashboard that appear if a different filter is selected. For a more in depth explanation on keyboard navigation in Tableau, see  Keyboard Accessibility for Tableau Views.

Color Vision Deficiency/Color Blindness

Some dashboards have been checked for grayscale viewability, color contrast, and accessibility for individuals with color vision deficiency/color blindness (e.g, deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia).

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