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Common Unit Code

The Common Unit Code/CUC (D03) system was a legacy coding system developed to assign identifiers to all colleges, major administrative units, and departments/units. The CUC code was comprised of a 2 character MAU/College code and a 3 character unit or department code. The CUC system was originally designed as a mainframe application and included all institutional entities existing in the business and academic systems at MSU. 

This legacy coding system has been decommissioned.  The concepts of the 2 character MAU code and 3 character department/unit code identifiers still exist in the Organization of Interest (OOI) data model as a part of the “organization structure code”. This code defines the hierarchy and reporting relationship of each MAU and unit at MSU within the OOI database.

A look-up table based on organization codes (or org codes) is available here (login required).